I’ve written and re-written this inaugural post about five different times, five completely different ways, making five totally different points. This noncommittal attitude is contradicting the point of why I’m starting this blog which is to get after it, make no excuses and inspire other to do the same! So right here, right now we start this journey together. We work towards our financial freedom in order to better enjoy the things we really love to do. For me, it’s to be in the outdoors chasing mule deer in places that could still theoretically be home to cave men. Places where I can walk around naked with a bow in my hand and not get maced. Sound stupid? It fucking is! But it’s my dream, so I’m going for it.

Your dream could be sitting in Starbucks drinking a triple-tri-caramel-mocha-crapachino for the rest of your life, I don’t care, dream big dreamer!

So in these little tales I’m going to relay to you, are stories of what makes me enjoy life so much that I’m willing to start over. I’m born again, if you will, minus the Jesus thing. Most things that I have determined to be the horse shit in my life have been either cut off, sold or are in the process of being sold. Plans have been laid out and put into action. Never have I felt more accomplished and more alive.

So saddle up partners, it’s time to ride off in the sunset and hunt that rat.